Dasavatharam | 2008

Genre: ????

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Even Kamal's acting efforts cannot save the movie "Dasavatharam"

I'm an ardent fan of Kamal Haasan. But this movie is stupid and I mean it.I'm not sure how Kamal could get along with this script. It's highly flawed. A commercial film like this ain't the problem, but the issue lies with the script.

Talking about the positives is easy;we have only a few.Kamal Hassan's acting.Especially The telugu police character,Ramanuja follower, Dalit character, the bush character and the american character. He alone rocked.

Again ,the make up department has done only good. But doing good is not good these days. They should do their best. We can easy make out that the characters and the make up should've been better.

Ravivarman's camera is bad; Was he using an ArriFlex camera ? Where is the DOF? The movie looks like a B- Grade movie.Just gushing around in and out is not camera work and I'm pretty much sure that Ravi varman knows that well too. I've been seeing in reviews that the movie which says visual effects are of Hollywood standards. Has anyone seen hollywood movies here? Yes. They've tried it good, but its not even 20% of hollywood visual effects. But they have tried and I appreciate the effort. Other performances are good and also the certain dialogues penned by Crazy Mohan.Story - there is nothing with that name.Efforts cannot make a movie great, the movie should be.I'd gladly recommend to avoid this movie and rent a movie like "Gilli","Anniyan" if you want commercial action or if you want the same combo,"Dasavathaaram","Thenali" and laugh your hearts out.

If you still want to see "Dasavathaaram", you have a good reason - Kamal hassan

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