Boss (A) Baskaran | 2010

Genre: Drama/ Comedy

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Its fun and Funny!

It’s been quite some time since I watched a regional mass movie. Also it hasn’t been the greatest of my interests to do so. A few weeks ago, I did get a chance to watch this entertainer directed by M. Rajesh, who had already directed “Siva Manasula Sakthi”. This Tamil entertainer was “Boss (A) Baskaran” . Do note that I bring into play the term entertainer, rather than using the phrase “movie” itself.

Starring Arya in the pilot role (or was in Santhanam , who sprang to the eminence with his spoof comedy, “Lollu Sabha” ?), the movie also features Nayanthara as the leading actress. The story is uncomplicated and wearisome, but the movie itself is not. It is untainted fun. It is fun in a way that you enjoy it with a guilty pleasure of disobedient smile at the instances. These moments outline the root of the movie; honestly speaking, Rajesh’s decision of pulling in Santhanam, as the friend of the character played by Arya, is substantial; for the reason that Santhanam, solely pulls it off with his slapstick timing and sense of humor.

The mediocre songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, who has been keeping himself , doing second-rate movies these days, make us feel appalling that he should have still been friends with the new age Tamil director, Selvaraghavan. Keeping the affairs of state apart, even for an entertainer, the songs and their framing were unneeded.

In fact the supporting characters, who are drawn to a superior sketch, did their roles flawlessly. I found the film very original ,for the mode it makes us chuckle and have fun, with the exception of the unashamed haul up of the Hindi “Dil Chahta hai” scene. This is the scene, where the character played by Nayanthara sits in the bus stand on her own, late night and Arya comes to pick her up. Blatant.

Otherwise, this entertainer is where you can sit through the whole time, without being twitchy for a minute and have a pleasurable experience. The foremost reason being Santhanam.

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