Black Swan | 2010

Genre: Drama /Thriller

Author : Vishwa

Synopsis: Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan" is intense

Black Swan is one of those daring attempts seldom seen on screen. A physiological horror delivered by Aronofsky sure deserves the nomination in Academy. The movie revolves around a ballet dancer aiming at the pinnacle performance. The opening dance sequence itself will get you into the state of mind where Aronofsky will place you all through the movie. You will turn you face away or twist your fingers to manage through various scenes. You will want to watch them but may not be able to digest the intensity of what you see on the screen. This is exactly what the director has visualized and does not compromise a little. This is no place for the soft hearten.

Natalie Portman as we know now, delivers the performance worth the Oscars. She almost carries away the movie with an extremely diversified performance that switches momentarily. There are multiple dark moments that accumulates all the pressure that is necessary to blow your mind in the final sequence. Incidents arranged randomly will push you into the puzzle which almost is impossible to judge. There are lots of intense shots both sexually and physiologically that may not be appropriate for all audiences but for the right ones, they cannot be better made anyway. The scene where Portman travels in a train at night and the visuals after getting drunk before the final rehearsal are just the sample.

It's hard to believe at the end of the movie that a mythical tale performed in Ballet dance has driven us crazy and so the plot of the movie. There are lots of artistic and poetical essence throughout and the film maker does succeed in giving some edge of the seat moments. A particular mention goes to when Natalie Portman sits all alone in the practice room and the lights go down. Special care has been take care to deliver a feeling of watching the dance performance as good as live through camera angles. Slowly and deeply it pulls us into the performance. Half way through the movie we would not want Portman to open up a sharp object or dance on her toes just to relax a bit. Aronofsky is not letting you do that at anytime.

The finale is a masterpiece. There is so much of creativity and originality involved in the way it is delivered especially with the shadow of swan reflecting Portman's actions. For a few minutes one may easily get engrossed and forget his atmosphere around. Vincent Cassel and Mila Kunis have done their part as it should have been. The stern faced dance tutor play a critical role in captivating the viewers. Characterization is the key here. Barbara Hershey as Portman's mother is another perfectly developed character. It could have been done less intense, but this is Aronofsky's movie and you get what you expect and not a penny less.

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