Barfi! | 2012

Genre: Drama /Comedy/ Romance

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: “Barfi!” tries too hard to impress.

Few movies that come out of India, these days, strive for achieving an international status and acclaim. In this process, many of the films tend to unsurprisingly forget the roots, or the flavour of the novelty itself. There are films that succeed too. But these movies, do not fail to remember the clinical way of unassuming astuteness. Unfortunately, Anurag Basu’s “Barfi!” falls deep into the former category.

Attaining inspiration from the already existing art repository is not a fault, but being recklessly enthused and making the film, truly imitative is the fault. “Barfi!”, stars Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Illeana D’Cruz in the major roles. It is the story set in Darjeeling and Calcutta (Kolkotta) , almost in equal parts. It follows a deaf and dumb protagonist, and his romantic adventures, with two ladies, a rich, modern one at the beginning and an autistic one, later on.

Ranbir Kapoor shines well in the title role, but Priyanka chopra steals the show with a faintly underplayed performance. The real hero of the positive of the film though is the cinematographer, Ravivarman.I remember writing a negative review for his work on the Tamil film ‘Dasavatharam”.But now, he roughly does what Ravi.K.Chandran darkly did for “Black”, but in a glossy, optimistically colourful way. Each frame stands as a stunning portrait of colour splattered palette. Now, there ends the good about the movie.

Basu makes a movie, which is emotionally manipulative and on the whole highly pretentious. The movie did drag for a while and the deliberate, pointless convolution of the storyline. The screenplay and direction surely did have a few deft moments, while a two and half hour movie requires more than a few moments of such heart. I don’t think, making a movie of global standards requires pretention, but true to your view of the art form. While, “Barfi!” looks arty, it truly isn’t. Not only does it get blatant lifts from Chaplin’s and other films, it also, tries to find a way to make an impact on the critics and audiences artistic brain. Well, we need to be even more ingenuous and candid than this. While, “Black” fell meekly into the same cadre, it at least it fares far better than “Barfi!”. “Barfi!” is not a bad movie. It very well has its moments and a good premeditated moral less storyline, but then contaminated by its juvenile intention. While, Pritam’s BGM works out good enough, the songs, that try to be rustic, doesn’t make much of an impression.

Ravivarman, Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka chopra, make this movie as entertaining as possible. But there are better movies, this year, from India. Yes, good enough to contend globally too. Making a beautiful, glossy, global-looking movie, doesn’t mean that it is a great movie. It needs good, original, creative, natural ideas. All that glitters are certainly not gold. There is another director, who makes real, dazzlingly original films, who shares the same first name as “Barfi”’s director. Try the movie that he had directed this year. It might not be as feel good as “Barfi”, but that’s what I call a great movie.

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