Away We Go | 2009

Genre: Romance / Drama

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Mendes gets hold of it, but not very much

Sam Mendes – The director who has been quite promising right from his debut – the Academy Award winning “American Beauty”, following it up with the superb Gangster crime drama – “Road to Perdition”, then the under rated “Jarhead” and yesteryear’s “Revolutionary Road” directs “Away we go”.

“Away we go” stars John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph as Burt Farlander and Verona De Tessant , the couple who travel around the U.S. to find a perfect place to start their family while expecting their first child. The adventures and misadventures form the crux of the film. There are sometimes in life, we fall into a kind of crisis, where we really don’t know how to choose what’s good for us. The choice has to come to us. It comes through our real life experiences. “Away we go” is one such experience, albeit a tad disappointing.

Sam Mendes is a craftsman of astonishing talent. He could’ve succeeded only if he had performed the same art he did in “American Beauty”. This time his sophistication to the theme makes it now and then manipulative. Still the movie has its sparkle, emotions and colors that he sought after. There are numerous episodes in the movie, each episode in different places, Phoenix, Tuscan, Montreal...etc.

The performance of the artists, Krasinki and Maya are very much pertinent for the projection of the 30 - odd year old couple. Particularly, a few moments like when Verona tells Burt her father’s love for the orange tree and Burt’s reaction on hearing the Montreal couple’s tragic miscarriages. These are few skillfully crafted scenes in “Away we go”. The background score and the soundtracks by Alexi Murdoch are surely adorable and so is the cinematography by Ellen Kuras.

Unquestionably, the attitude of the movie is well intended and reaches the audience as crisp as it should be. Mendes succeeds there, but why it disappoints me is Mendes’ minor manipulation of the unfolding of the events. Shouldn’t he have tried for Academy Award this year? I’m definite he has that ability.

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