Avatar | 2009

Genre: Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

Author : Vishwa

Synopsis: Cameron spent years together in making this movie. He has created a new world that spell binds its viewers.

This is the first preview movie i have ever watched in my lifetime. More often paid preview shows are not screened. It took me one and half hours of ride in pouring rain, a day of off at office and a wait of more than 6 months to make it to the movie. It was more than worth all the effort. It is hard to believe that Cameron visualized this movie about 14 years back. The best decision he made was to wait till technology reached its level to create it. This has the same value as Lucas visualization of Star Wars ahead of time.

Cameron's world called Pandora is stunning and breath taking in its detailing, colors, creativity and charaterization. The movie revolves around delivering a message relating to the higher degree of nature. Its hard to keep up to the high expectations particularly when it is built for many years. Cameron succeedes with ease. The movie run for around 3 Hrs time. Cameron takes time in setting the charaters into the viewers mind as well as describing the culture of Navi's, what they can do and their physical elegance. He tell you how the new world will react to humans and a lot more. There are creatures all around pandora have their own self sustained eco system that bafffles you with the amount of research the Cameron has done.

The blue colored natives of Pandora at first look may evoke dislike in many but then if one watches the movie, they slowly creep into you and make you love them and support their way of living. The attitude of Navi's put human race to shame. There are sequences that are reduced in speed. Cameron brings out high detailing in these scenes and are stunning. The movie does involves CGI sequence in almost every scene right from first. There is almost no flaws. If LOTR gave you one CG character called Gollum that was acceptable as another real time character, Avatar gives you the next level of such charecters. Every Navi have their individuality and purpose.

You can clearly watch the depth of third dimension but this does not distract you. Every frame is bright enough not to hurt your eye, as other 3D movies would. Up was the first movie i remember watching that delivered brigh scenes in 3D. At times the movie also gives you the feel of watching a 3D animated movie when there are no human characters around. Humor is enjoyable. Action sequences are highly involving and immensly interesting. The first chase sequence of a wild beast is where Cameron starts to unwind the pace of the movie. The sentiments and emotional outbreaks of Navis are clearly depicted with no sluggish incidents.

Sam worthington and Zoe Saldana have justified their roles and portrayed apt acting skills. The haging moutains, tamed dragons, horse like creatures and many more will reamin in your thoughts for many days to come. Avatar's creative storyline is very much over shadowed by its visuals. The details provided in every corner has its root in the creative idea behind.

Avatar will be a movie that people will look back in time and be proud of. The credits roll for many pages streching across the screen. Looking at so many names will not come as a surprise. After watching three hours of a truly new and unimaginable visual, any number of name would just be understandable. This movie will satisfy almost any viewer and is certainly a must watch. Do not miss it in theaters that too with 3D glasses on.

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