Argo | 2012

Genre: Drama /Thriller

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: A taut thriller that proves the consistency of Ben Affleck.

Sometimes, reality can be unreal than the unreal itself. One such event is the story of Ben Affleck’s thriller, “Argo”, which is based on the real life incident of dramatization of the secret CIA-Canadian Operation to smuggle the six American personnel out of Iran. The idea was to use a phony film crew to make this happen. Ben Affleck, who already has been in the path of making wonderfully directed movies, makes sure he is on the right track, yet again. “Argo” is an outstanding thriller, fantastically directed and never leaves the path, only that it chooses a little manipulative path towards the end.

Ben Affleck plays Tony Mendez himself, as an ex-filtration expert to handle the situation. He devices the plan of the bogus film crew. The film starts off with a voice over explaining the history that led to the current situation briefly. As with the other movies, of Ben Affleck, “Gone Baby Gone” and “The Town”, the movie is slick and well paced. Affleck proves himself, not only as a good director, to look out for, but also as a serious actor (although someone else could’ve done his part equally well or better).

With top notch performances from the supporting actors and detailed production, the movie is a thrill ride. The all the more gritty camera work stands out well. The movie traverses well, but then falls into the trap of being addicted to adding items that are quintessentially commercial. These fabricated moments of the real facts, slightly degrade the value of Ben Affleck’s more usual gritty, realistic movie making.

Even when, “Gone Baby Gone” , still stands as his best piece of work, “Argo” is a tense and commendable effort from the director. With critics raving about the work, I see the movie as one of the favorite contenders for the Oscar, but then for me, it faintly misses the top list.

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Sarbaini | 3/25/2013 1:05:10 AM
That is no surprise. SNL is doing this for viwsheip purposes. It had a hit with Palin and now it hopes to have a hit with McCain BUT to add a twist by having Affleck as the host. Even if Affleck was to say something liberal and provocative to McCain (which I am sure he will) that is NOT going to turn voters off from Obama. McCain dug his own grave by using running a negative campaign and using Joe the Plumber as his grace from fall . By the way did you see that Joe the Plumber was a No Show at a recent McCain rally!