Angadi Theru | 2010

Genre: Drama

Author : Srivathsa

Director: Vasantha Balan

Synopsis: A gritty portrayal of labor with new age Tamil Cinema.

I would say it was “Kadhal” that made an impact on the viewers, necessitating and propelling Tamil cinema to a fresh and diverse frontier; of course accompanied by the rural camaraderie of films like “Paruthiveeran” and “Subramaniyapuram”. It means to be realistic, gritty, not wholly breaking the shackles of Tamil filmdom, but making a way for films in the future to follow the healthy trajectory. “Angadi Theru” is one such movie that sticks to the urban portrayal of realistic truth and modern slavery and does it cleverly.

Starring newbies, Magesh and Anjali ,who give a scintillating natural performance, the movie is all about the romance that is entwined within the cruel hands of merciless labor and slavery in modern day Indian metros, in this case, Chennai. This is something on par with concentration camps for the salesperson, who struggle to withstand from their cruel life drenched in poverty.

The film is full of poignant humanity, a tad too much at times too. Even when it tends to be a tear jerker, it never over does it. The commercial portion of it takes its head up, briefly, which is perfectly acceptable, for how long can audience see the reality and grittiness of the movie?

Cinematography is absorbingly outstanding, although a few shots tend seemingly similar. G V Prakash’s music is ordinary and the synthetic usage of instruments is jarring. Also, interesting inspired by the Brazilian gritty music style. The performances are devastatingly real, credits to them and the dialogues form the backbone and the most integral part of “Angadi Theru”.

Vasantha Balan joins the elite list of directors, with his second venture, after the rural solitary brother story “Veyil”. We can keep an eye on him; for he has got a very good eye.

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