Alice In Wonderland | 2010

Genre: Drama /Comedy

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: An enjoyable, yet incomplete adaptation by the “dark” director

Millions of people around the world have enjoyed the taste of Lewis Caroll’s fantasy masterpiece, “Alice in wonderland”. There had been too many literary and cinematic adaptations of the same classic. But time does never take away the freshness and purity of the novel. This time around , Tim Burton, who is known for his dark tales in the past two decades, moves his stake towards Caroll’s classic along with the same author’s “Looking through the glass”. All he manages is a visual entertainer.

Alice, fantastically portrayed by Mia Wasikowska, as we all know follows the rabbit with the watch and falls into a rabbit hole, to find the wonderland of her dreams. She meets the Hatter, played by none other than Burton’s favourite , the ever charistmatic, Johnny Depp. Hatter isn’t much of a character like Jack Sparrow, but is played well within the limits by the style icon. The ‘White queen” played by the appealing Anne Hathaway doesn’t have a great role to play, but what she does, she does it to perfection and we all know she would after her riveting performance in yesteryear’s “Rachel Getting married”.

The movie is visually thoroughly engaging and inventive and doesn’t feature senseless action. We don’t have a “Sweeney Todd” or a “Sleepy Hollow” Burton here, but the one with a natural potential to see bright things even. The direction keeps the audience engaging, and for a summer movie goer, it’s a splendid treat, but Burton’s finesse artistry is surely missed on very many occasions. Though not a honest adaptation, there is not much to complain.

The wonderland, Alice lands in is wonder filled but threatening. But its panic driven areas are predictable, which brings us to the fact that, they are not thoroughly panic driven. Burton sure gives “Alice in Wonderland” a superior go, but just without filling in more directorial finesse

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