Aaranya Kaandam | 2011

Genre: Crime

Author : Srivathsa

Synopsis: Brilliant work of tamil new class cinema.

Although it is not rare to see Tamil movies crammed with violence and gore these days, it is uncommon to watch films with persistently sharp, stylish and a sensible script. Debutant, Thiyagarajan Kumararaja’s “Aarnya Kaandam” pulls it off, quite naturally. The offbeat and silent first half, is followed by a much more ostentatious and gory second half. “Aaranya Kaandam” is dark and rightly so for its crime gangster subject.

This tale of the gangsters follows, Singaperumal (Jackie shroff), Pasupathy (Sampath Raj), Sappa (Ravi Krishna), Yasmin Ponnappa (achingly beautiful Subbu),Kalaiyan (Somasundaram) , Kodukapuli (Master Vasant) and all their interwoven stories , with the key objective of heroin and in turn money. The film exploits all these protagonists, none in particular, with their animal instincts of violence and inhumanness for reprisal and money, of course.

Kumararaja places all his villains with a characteristic fashion and sprays the wit throughout the film; all these situational humour out well. Positively enthused from the world cinema, the film’s potency lies all over; in the dark, but cheerful performances (almost everyone) ; in Yuvan’s fervently delightful music; in the rugged, chaotic, but distinctive cinematography and the best of all ,in the Tarantanian directional perfection by Thiyagarajan Kumararaja. The razor sharp dialogues keep the deliberate slow pacing, intact. The contained silences speak more than the score.

The movie has all the dirty language that you can heed, in the dirtiest parts of Chennai. The movie, which starts as a more artful film, gives into a bit of entertainment, which doesn’t falter the movie itself, but only credits itself to a faultless and jagged stylishness. The movie can be seen on lines with Vishal Bharatwaj’s construction and a bit of “Being Cyrus”ian plot, but only borrows far less from the world cinema, than the latter.The movie has also got a Micheal Corleonisque setup at the finale for the character played by Sampath. The gore, regular spells of profanity, must keep the family audiences away, but any sensible film lover, would have a great time.

“Aaranya Kaandam” is almost a breakthrough in the Tamil cinema, waiting for a new look, away from the gibberish and routine clichés. Kumararaja does it with style, substance and little dose of poetic justice too. It’s time for us to reach out globally and “Aaranya Kaandam” might very well mark its beginning. This is probably one of the very best Tamil films, I’ve seen in years.

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