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Date: March 10, 2011 Updated : March 10, 2011

Author: Srivathsa

New York – born, Darren Aronofksy, who did his film studies in the Harvard University, with his handful number of critically celebrated films, is one of the far-sighted directors, currently in the Hollywood film industry. His films, often are meticulously crafted, visually salient psychologically overt. There has also been a leisure and eventual growth of Aronofksy over the years, from films that are aberrantly dark and visceral, to films that carry more of his craftsmanship.

“Pi (1998)” was Aronofksy's first theatrical venture. Shot stylishly in bleached Black and White (with a very low budget), "Pi" was relentlessly challenging the audience with its mathematical, religious and psychological perceptions. "Pi" could have been a disaster. It totally relied on the new age audience. Fortunately, with its all techno directional brilliance, "Pi" saw a near-bleak view of the ornate world. "Pi" had resemblances to David Lynch's thrillers, especially, "Eraserhead". It was smart, dark and at times frightening. Darren Aronofksy's debut was ambitious and successful.

“Requiem for a dream (2000)” released in 2000, was bleak and stomach churning. Aronofksy movies are intense and in "Requiem for a dream", he was at his peak. This junkie movie with its chaotic imagery and explosive screenplay portrays nightmarish visuals. With career best performance from the crew, especially Ellen Burstyn, the movie is very disturbing, more on the lines of Danny Boyle's startling "Trainspotting". It is packed with audacious sequences of nightmares and hallucinations, a perfect visual symphony for a chilling drug drama. The audience tend to get high, with an unsettling feeling of movie watching experience.

The year 2006 saw from Aronofksy, what critics feel is his weakest film to date,. Although not as bad as it sounds, "The Fountain", was silently flawed, but brilliantly visualized. It is a movie, that is magnificent to look at and with whimsical romantic moments, just that it doesn’t make your heart ache. The movie spans across the universe's timeline (or rather the earth's timeline). Strains of the psychology, touches of philosophy, metaphysical rides add up to the movie's directional credits. But of all Aronofsky's movies, "The Fountain" is very much pretentious although admirable.

“The Wrestler(2008)”,quite literally shut every critic's mouth up, with its sheer perfection. The alchemist was at the peak of his art. Leaving apart, all his psychological and metaphysical tones, Aronofksy, aptly directed "The Wrestler", an enormously gripping realistic drama, with a phenomenal performance from Mickey Rourke. It is one of the very best films of 2008 and arguably the best yet from Aronofksy. It is a deeply affecting portrait of a man's life, whose melancholy makes his life difficult. "The Wrestler" pretty much keeps, Aronofksy, along with the pioneering new generation directors. The movie is more of a character study and conveys the heartbreakingly realistic truth of life.

“Black Swan (2010)” is the most rewarded of the Aronofksy's movies. Natalie Portman's performance for the film won the "Best Actress" award. "Black Swan" is immense, bold, surreal and slightly melodramatic. Aronofsky's delirious direction and genius filmmaking techniques make "Black Swan", one of the very few movies, that potentially drives a character, outside the circle it is bound to. With beautiful ballerina choreography and a few beguiling horror moments, make this psychological thriller, one of the best of the year. It is an unforgettable movie that is skilfully intense, compelling and lyrically poignant.

"Noah (2014)", the adaptation of the biblical story, is a clean, hauntig work. But, not quite remarkable as his other works. Boldly performed by Russell Crowe, the movie is visually splendid and superbly crafted. While it had the potential to become a great movie, it just falls short. Nevertheless, its often skillfully directed with philosophy and character seemlessly blending with each other

Although nearly all his movies are restricted to psychological thrillers, Darren Aronofksy has a fine sense of film acumen, with which he can paint his visual flair in any of the genres. But, what we cannot refute is that Aronofksy is the man with relentless potential and his passion of the art, he is into.

Best: The Wrestler, Black Swan, Requiem for a dream

Must Watch: The Wrestler

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